I am a bad, bad blogger

Slinking back in shame, I am. Many apologies for the lack of content; my life has been more than a little upset by personal events of late (which I will not be going into). Add to that the ‘oh no, now I’m late” embarrassment, and you have the recipe for an involuntary hiatus. However, this is just to inform you I am back, in the process of moving, but back, and I have a pretty nice selection of new teas to try out! I will try to have a new review posted by the end of this week, and will attempt a weekly review schedule so I don’t run out of new teas while I still have gargantuan amounts of already-reviewed leaf to drink up.

Many thanks for reading!


One response to this post.

  1. It’s so hard to keep going with blogging when life seems to keep getting in the way 🙂 I’m a new convert to tea leaves and working my way through different types. Looking forward to you posting again 🙂


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